Seeking Arrangement Review

seeking-arrangement (SeekingArrangement) is a sugar daddy dating website specially designed for rich and pretty people. It was founded in 2006, available over 140 countries worldwide, and support the seven countries language. It is different from traditional online dating sites, where you don't need to promise, no strings attached relationship, can be directly to establish a pure "mutual benefit and reciprocity relationship". Sugar daddy & sugar mommy can provide you with allowance aid and spoiled love. In return ,sugar baby can accompany you whenever you need and want. Please be sure to pay attention to: Seeking Arrangement is not an escort service site, where members are prohibited from visiting if they are found to be Seeking sex in exchange or using it for personal gain.

Users analysis of the website

The Seeking website has more than 10 million active members worldwide, mainly in the United States, with a ratio of 1:4 males to females. The website claims that "each sugar daddy or sugar mommy can get 4 sugar babies", and the number of sugar mommy only accounts 10% of the total members, with sugar daddies and sugar babies being the majority, and 40% of the users are married Sugar Daddies.

  • Sugar relationship ratio
  • 80% sugar babies ,20% sugar daddies

  • Age Range
  • Sugar Daddy Age: mainly 30-45 years old, then 55 years old +.

    Sugar Babby Age: mainly 20-25 years old, then 30-35 years old.

    Tips: The only age requirement is that all players must be at least 18 years old.

  • Special group
  • College students, especially in the United States, Canada and Australia, more and more female college students join the sugar baby group.

Costs of SeekingArrangement

This website offers three memberships which are standard membership, premium membership and diamond membership. In terms of the price of the membership, Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy and Sugar Baby is also a little bit different from other dating websites. Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy Upgrade Member is slightly higher than other Sugar Daddy dating sites, however the sugar baby's membership fee is much more cheaper compare with other dating websites.

  • Standard membership
  • Free registration, limited access certain functions.

  • Premium membership
  • Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy Membership Price:

    30 days(Minimum) - $89.95

    90 days - $239.85

    Sugar baby Membership price:

    30 days(Minimum) - $19.95

    90 days- $44.85

  • Diamond membership
  • Diamond members have a badge on the website, indicating that you are looking for the sincerity and seriousness of the arrangement, you need to meet bellow two requirements to achieve our diamond membership standards.

    a. For two consecutive months of paid premium membership services as well as at least $200 deposit in your account to qualify for the upgrade.

    b. Passed a background check.


  1. Verify the identity of college students enable you upgrade for free.
  2. Support credit card or prepaid card for international transactions, does not support PayPal and postage payment.
  3. All membership packages, one-time payment, automatic renewal, no full or partial refund.
  4. The price changes at any time, please refer to the actual price of the website.

Premium membership benefits

The standard membership has a lot of limitation of accessing the Seeking website. If you want to find the best match among tens of millions of users, upgrading your membership is the most effective and efficiency way for you. After you upgrade your membership, you will be able to find exactly what you want and what you don't want. The main benefits are as bellow:

  • Advanced Search Filter: You can filter the most appropriate matches based on body size, race, relationship status as well as income.
  • Quick review: review of personal data does not have to wait 24-48 hours.
  • Send the messages without public your picture.
  • Advanced Privacy: Can be set to publicly or hide your online status, who you have seen, who you like most, and the most recently logged in location.
  • No ad interference: you will enjoy the purest dating experience.
  • You can use the internal email address of the website to communicate.
  • Top-up premium membership for two consecutive months can be upgraded to diamond membership.
  • Without Posting your photos, you can send in-site messgaes to other members.

Standard membership benefits: (Premium membership automatic applies)

The homepage of the website declares that even standard membership can find the ideal arrangement within 5 days. If you use it in the right way, you will be surprised by the huge benefits you can get. The basic functions you can use as standard members are as bellow:

  • Basic search based on country, city, region and 0-250 miles, photos, background check, membership level, education, personal habits and some basic information.
  • For other favorite members, you can light the love icon.
  • You can view other user's registration and last login time.
  • Hiding a member will not appear in the search results.
  • You can choose to bind your social media account, such as Facebook, Instagram,etc.
  • Read the website blog and learn about investment, debt handling, and sugar dating advice.
  • Security, member account security, personal information and communication information are all using SLL encryption technology.
  • The site is available in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Mandarin, you can freely switch to your own language. conducts background checks on its registered members through third-party platform Optimum Screening. Currently, only US users can be investigated. Members can voluntarily apply for investigations, which can exclude members of the website from sexual crimes, terrorism and any other criminal records, and even verify social security. In the case, verify the true wealth status of Sugar Dad, the member's personal information adopts the highest level of encryption and secure storage, and abides by the national privacy law guarantee system. Members who pass the screening will receive a background check badge, which is 100 times higher than other members looking for an arrangement.

SeekingArrangement Disadvantages:

  1. The membership of sugar baby is too low or even free, resulting in more women than men, sugar babies are facing high competition.
  2. Sugar daddy \ sugar mommy membership fee is too expensive
  3. Not available in the iOS App Store
  4. Currently customer support is not provided by telephone.
  5. Standard membership need to disclose photos before sending messages to other members.
  6. Standard membership needs to wait for 24-48 hours to be approved after they register.

Editor's conclusion: is one of the few sugar daddy dating websites with clear and simple web design. It is expected to become the safest platform for sugar daddy dating by virtue of "member background check". In the early days, the global media gave mixed reviews to Seeking arrangement. In order to defend the rationality of Seeking arrangement, founder Brandon Wade published an article on CNN claiming that "love is a concept invented by the poor", and his political views were not necessarily correct. However, a sugar daddy dating website was born with the purpose of "mutually beneficial relationship".

If you are looking for sugar daddy and sugar mommy, please note your expected allowance. If you are looking for sugar baby, please verify your income and net worth, and write down your investment and budget for sugar baby. Next, the website will help you find the most ideal arrangement.